4 Creative Ways to Design a Home Office Bookcase

Working from home has become a normal thing these days. One of the nice things about remote work is that you can set up your office any way you like. You might as well take advantage of that and create a space that is not only functional but also attractive and unique to you. Here are four ideas to get you started.

1. Framed Photo Art

Looking at blank walls all day can be almost depressing. Therefore, you need to liven up your space by adding something to the walls. Framed photo art is an excellent choice. Choose photos you took yourself if they look artistic. Or buy photo art online or at your local art supply store. You can also make art photos depicting your best work or your favorite projects. Adding your credentials to the mix will boost your confidence, too. You can place these framed photos along the walls or inside or on the front of your office bookcase.

2. Hard Cover Reference Books

Even with the current state of technology, books can be very useful. Reference books can help you quickly find information, rules, and ideas. Besides that, though, they can add beauty to your décor. 

Choose hardcover reference books with attractive spines to give your home office a classy look. You can use books like a dictionary, thesaurus, or special reference books for your specific niche. Of course, you need the right bookcase, which you can get with 1StopBedrooms bookcase design.

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3. Decorative Bins

Everyone who works in an office has items they need to have close at hand. However, sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be a good place to store them. They usually end up in piles or in boring plastic bins. However, what if you chose more decorative bins and placed them on a shelf in your bookcase? One idea is to make wooden bins the right size for your bookcase and painted decorations on them. Or, if you aren’t very handy, you should be able to find an artisan who will craft these items for you.

4. Lower Activity Shelf 

Many people working from home are not alone in their homes. Their children are often there with them, and the littlest ones may need a little help occupying themselves. So, here’s an idea to help keep them busy. 

Use your lower bookcase shelf as an activity shelf. You can place games, toys, educational toys, books, or other interesting items on that shelf. With that in place, your toddler can be near you without disturbing your work. This will not only relieve stress for you, but it will also make your entire household happier and give your child wonderful memories to look back on later.

Designing a home office never needs to be dull. You can use many ideas to make the space your own. If the furniture and accessories are functional, it really doesn’t hurt anything to bring your own personality into the room. In fact, it will help you feel more at home and ready to take on any project.

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