Benefits of Instant Messaging in the Workplace

Communication is, as it is often said, the heart of any business. Instant messaging can be a fantastic tool for companies to communicate with one another in real-time. Executives in business need to discuss their plans and ideas with others, transmitting the information to employees. Instant messaging is an affordable, efficient, easy and convenient method for businesses to communicate.


Additional features that are business-friendly are expected to be added as instant messaging develops. Here are a few of these advantages:


Advantages of instant messaging at Work


  1. Real-Time Communication


As opposed to email, which requires you to wait for messages to download from the server, the use of instant messaging allows you to interact with users in real-time. This is among the main advantages of instant messaging communications for businesses. If a contact is online, sending and receiving messages in real-time is faster than a reply via email. This is especially useful for businesses that require customers or clients to receive quick answers to their questions. Instant messaging can also be used for faster internal communication.


  1. Cost Savings


Instant messaging allows you to connect with anyone worldwide without paying costly international calling rates. It is possible to contact suppliers from overseas, make a deal-sealing through video conferences, and hire staff in foreign countries. This allows you to carry out international business at a much lower price than conventional methods.


  1. Convenient


Instant messaging provides instant communications and isn’t nearly as distracting as the phone. It is possible to communicate with your friend on your laptop while you do many other things. But with a phone call, both of you would be required to stop whatever else you were doing to connect effectively.

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  1. Team Building


Instant messaging can be a good tool for team building at work, especially where you have team members located in different areas. It is more effective than phone conversations in which words can be misunderstood or misunderstood. This is especially helpful when any of the team members have an accent that is not easily understandable or in a noisy office.


  1. Archiving


Many instant messaging platforms include recording functions. So, for example, you could search for conversations in the past on instant messaging platforms.


  1. Spam Reduction


Emails are often cluttered with spam emails, quite unlike when you’re using instant messaging to communicate with your business.


Disadvantages of instant messaging at Work


  1. Distraction


This is one of the major drawbacks of real-time communications. Users expect fast responses, which can cause distractions from your work. This can result in reduced productivity.


  1. Security


Since instant messaging is a third-party application, it is the risk of security for your company. These applications are vulnerable to attack by malicious hackers, and your data could be accessed by hackers or stolen from your company’s system. Additionally, file sharing can expose your business network to malware.


  1. Viruses


Spyware and viruses that could harm your business. They are easily transferred to your network by these third party applications.


  1. Compatibility


There are numerous instant messaging services, each having its network. Every instant messaging platform communicates with its network, but it isn’t always easy. To communicate with other users, you’ll require multiple instant message applications or programs that can use multiple networks simultaneously, such as Trillian or Pidgin.

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