How difficult is it to become an IAS officer?

It requires years of planning, effort and a lot of faith in oneself to be an IAS officer. The process begins at school to master the fundamentals of all subjects including geography, history and Ethics Integrity and Aptitude, so that you have a solid grasp of General Studies. You will develop your skills in studying the Constitution of India and the Indian Economy at college, while also enhancing your knowledge of Current Affairs through studying newspapers and magazines.

You are taking a decision to select an optional topic at the end of your degree and you must research this subject in depth. You must participate in writing contests for essays to sharpen your skills in synthetic analysis as well as weighing the advantages and disadvantages for a subject that is important. Debate is a great pastime since it teaches you confidence, as well as the ability to stand your ground when under stress. The ability to watch an internationally, national, and region-specific news network on TV ensures you stay up to date with the most recent global, national or regional trends. Mining and sourcing knowledge online is a tool you must frequently use.

Always stick to original source material and make your own decisions since there isn’t a simple method to get around it. You are your own teacher and in group study you could collaborate with one another. The civil service exam requires agility, skill, and endurance since it’s a 3 exam with three stages and each one differs from the next.

Preliminary exams require an extensive knowledge of General Studies with qualifying ability in CSAT. In the mains, it is more than it is General Studies with the optional essay, subject as well as professional ethics, aptitude and. In order to pass the personality test, you will need to engage with your peers on political, social and national issues since you will be evaluated by your moral character and values in real-life situations and, in essence the values you represent| JOIN NOW EDEN IAS

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You’ll need a strong and strong heart, since you might have to make multiple attempts. It is a tough job. Civil Services is not for those who are weak of heart. It is not a half-way house It is an unrequited love affair that requires total dedication. I am an advocate of getting ready for Civil Services along with pursuing your academic goals since both have the tendency to complement each other.

If you succeed that far, you will be able to ascend into the leadership ranks pretty quickly. The districts are a microcosmos in India and your group is your State-in-law because you might be in a different state than your home state. You will learn a different cultural, language and rhythm of life in this country as it is huge and diverse.

As an SDM ADM DM you’re involved in District Administration, which are the most exciting years of your professional career. Public contact public delivery, public contact and public access are top of the agenda, and you will have the chance to meet with local politicians. You begin and run children in the first years and you live your life to the fullest.

Then you are promoted to Director, at Stator Central levels, within the form of a department. This is where you can specialize. You can also be a Director of State-owned Companies, Corporations and Authorities and manage projects. You may opt to go to the Government of India as Director/ Joint Secretary. This is a crucial post as you are able to manage your subject in a way that is independent. As a Secretary/Principal Secretary of the Department you are the head of the Department at the level of the state and through the Chief Secretary Cabinet Secretary or Minister you report to Command PM. You can be elevated to the Chief Secretary, or Secretary of Ministers to the Government of India & Cabinet Secretary. You can also be posted overseas as a minister within the mission, UN and multilateral agencies The possibilities are endless. You could also pursue studies in India and elsewhere to enhance your skills.

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