Products, that can be made from wood

In the question of what can be made of wood, many thoughts and options immediately arise. Because in this era of eco-standards, wood is the best way to feel pure ecology and live without any plastic. There are so many advantages that will give you new inspiration for using wood materials. Some of them are:

  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic material
  • Live energy products
  • Rapid mastering of the material (even without special knowledge and experience, the gap can be quickly filled with practical skills)
  • Availability of raw materials and their relative cheapness
  • The interest of potential buyers in wooden products
  • Can be used to manufacture almost any product
  • No special space required (any room in the house will do).

So now is the best time to start using or buying or even creating by yourself the wooden materials. We will show you some items which will be perfect if they are made of wood.

Interior items

Natural and warm shades of wood harmoniously fit into various interior styles, from classic to minimalism. Wood is a natural and malleable material, it is able to take on a variety of shapes, and also looks attractive in different shades of color, retains warmth and soothes. All these factors significantly increase the popularity of wood decor.

Wood decor has many advantages. The cottage, in the interior of which various wooden decorative elements are selecting harmoniously, is a beautiful, environmentally friendly and modern home in which the owners feel comfortable and cozy. Best of all, wood is combining with pieces of furniture that are createing in light colors, with chrome elements, large stained glass windows, glass items, leather, metal. In addition, wood decor blends wonderfully with stone and brick.

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Stylish details combine with natural wood to create an unrivaled effect. Wood can be used in completely different forms and volumes. Both raw and prepared, decorated elements are popular. However, it is important to place accents correctly and not overload the room. Below are specific examples of the use of wood in different styles.

Wooden swing

The shady garden near your country house is a great place to relax with children or friends. To make your stay more comfortable, you can add various accessories or small structures to this site, for example, sheds, garden gazebos, benches and, of course, swings. It is about how to make a wooden swing on your site that we will talk about in this article.

If you decide to make a wooden swing in a suburban area, then first of all, you need to decide on the type of structure and choose a suitable place for its installation. A drawing of a wooden swing can be easily found on the Internet.

Everyone knows that any construction begins with design. The place for installing the swing must be chosen flat, it must be hidden from the sun and precipitation. An excellent place would be an area under a tree, where a thick shadow falls, or a canopy specially created for this.

Wooden boxes for jewelry

Wooden boxes are a versatile item that can serve a variety of purposes. Do you need a present for your birthday, career advancement, housewarming or New Year’s? A man, or perhaps a woman? Have no place to put your jewelry or no place to store gift cards? The purchase of the box will help you. Wooden boxes are one of the best presents for everyone. There are also wooden boxes for keeping watches. This will be great for men’s gifts. In the same wave you can also buy wooden boxes for keeping pens or wooden boxes for keeping wine or brandy. This will be a perfect way to show luxury and elegance.

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Children’s wooden toys

Among the toys that modern children like, construction sets occupy a special place. The products of the world leader, LEGO, have only one drawback – the high price. Alternative options from Chinese manufacturers are much cheaper, but lead to disappointment, since even during the first assembly, parts can break. The idea is to design and manufacture wooden constructors, which are essentially a collection of hundreds of elements. Wood is the most suitable and safest material for making toys. There are just an incredible number of directions for the production of children’s toys made of wood, for example:

  • Developing business boards
  • Cubes
  • Kitchenette
  • House for dolls
  • Xylophones
  • Mosaics, puzzles, pyramids
  • Pipes
  • Cars, steam locomotives, railway
  • Rollers, tolokars

Wooden bag

You’ve probably heard of these. This is definitely a non-standard option for those who value being unique, bright and unique among others. Not everyone is ready to use this. There are many advantages to wearing wooden bags. Some of them are:

  • object of admiration
  • a means of self-defense against a bandit
  • the most reliable and durable accessory
  • an environmentally friendly and healthy product

Well, it is impossible to just walk by and not turn your attention to a wooden bag. This is unusual, to say the least. When all the typical bags are tired and you want something new, then this is the very case. This model is worth considering because, in addition to visual and tactile pleasure, it carries many other benefits. Also, a bag made of wood is universal, because it is suitable for every person, regardless of age and status. There should be no doubt about the quality of such a bag. The wooden handbag will surprise you again and again, because it will be faithful to its owner for more than one year. No other model compares to it in durability. And yet, a bag made of wood is not afraid of moisture, greasy stains, external physical damage and a whole series of “main enemies” of most other materials.

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The main materials in the manufacture of these bags are wood and leather. These are exclusively natural products, which you can not doubt. As for paints and varnishes, they meet the highest environmental safety requirements. Such products are environmentally friendly and safe for health. The master uses only natural wood in his works.

With wooden bags you can also use the box for keeping sunglasses. This will look so luxurious and fancy.

Musical instruments

The entire history of mankind is inextricably linked with music. Since time immemorial, people have made various musical instruments from bone, stone, and undoubtedly one of the most beloved materials was wood.

Man, at the dawn of his existence, learned to extract sounds of different tonality from different types of wood. The first was probably the instrument that we now call the drum. By hitting the hollow trunk of a tree with a stick, sounds are producing that are hear at a fairly distant distance, and at a certain rhythm they are accompaning by the performance of ritual dances, the celebration of various events in the life of the tribe.

Musical instruments are produced and valued most of all from traditional materials and primarily from wood. It is a material that has a resonating property and retains its acoustic properties well for a long time. The tree is harvested for tools exclusively in the cold, winter season, when the growth process actually stops in it. This helps to obtain the required wood without cracking. It is aged (dried) in the natural environment for many years to maintain its acoustic qualities and a stable structure.

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